Cuba Photography promotional video This is a promotional video that I edited for travel photographer Lorne Resnick. It showcases his Cuba workshop and the amazing work that came from it.

“GUMBO” is an urban themed talk show created by Rosee McNeel. I directed and edited the four full shows we produced, as well as the sizzle reel you see here.

These are a series of interstitials that I edited and aired on OVATION TV. They were produced by Judy Korin at Seesaw Studios.

“SONG OF THE FLOWER”, is a video I animated showcasing select works by Photographer, Lucy Beck. The video also features a narration by Lucy Beck of Khalil Gibran’s, “Song of the Flower”. The video was created in After Effects and Premiere Pro CC.

B.A.P. is a music video/short film that I directed and edited for comedian and producer Rosee McNeel.

“Shadow Sailing” is a short film written and directed by Ben Ellis. “Shadow Sailing” is a twenty-one minute psychological journey that charts one man’s downward spiral into madness as he tries to take the trip around Cape Horn that he and his father were never able to make together. In his father’s place, Brad, Read More

A series of spec commercials I wrote, directed and Edited while working for the Guitar Center in an effort to expand Guitar Center’s advertising from radio to television.

“Ben & Matt” is a comedic parody about the making of “Good Will Hunting” starring Matt Damon and and Ben Affleck. “Ben & Matt” is a hilarious short film that I edited produced by Ryan Scott and Joe and Angela Sciara.

An anti-smoking PSA I directed about a man’s fight with addiction.