I edited this promotional video for the Markkula Center of Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. A combination of C-300 C-Log, stock, and earlier provided footage, color grading for consistency was aided by Red Giant plugins Colorista IV and MB Looks. I also did sound, GFX and final deliverable.

A video I edited for the radio station “LIVE 105” (105.3 FM) promoting their annual “BFD” summer concert. The video was designed to attract corporate sponsorship and showcase vendors from the last concert.

This is a promotional video I produced, directed and edited for instructional designer and trainer, Steve Samson. It was shot by Robert Fitzgerald and myself with the Canon 5D MKIII and 7D. I cut the video in Premiere Pro CC 2015 and took advantage of the new Lumetri Color Tool.

A video I edited promoting membership for the California Film Institute and the Mill Valley Film Festival.

A product promo I edited for NAGRA/KUDELSKI’s NAGRA Gravity nX2

This is a promo I edited designed to showcase the clients of LendingClub. In addition to intercutting client experiences to weave one narrative, I also color graded, mixed audio and reduced noise in After Effects.

This is a promotional video for a small boutique hotel in South Lake Tahoe. I directed, shot and edited it.

This is a product promo I edited for NAGRA/KUDELSKI’s OpenTV 5

Cuba Photography promotional video This is a promotional video that I edited for travel photographer Lorne Resnick. It showcases his Cuba workshop and the amazing work that came from it.

“SONG OF THE FLOWER”, is a video I animated showcasing select works by Photographer, Lucy Beck. The video also features a narration by Lucy Beck of Khalil Gibran’s, “Song of the Flower”. The video was created in After Effects and Premiere Pro CC.